As I fly and I swallow the salty water around me,
I close my eyes to avoid the burning:
Babies jumping to the sky in rage,
Afrin river sinking into the red dust.
Blood is marching through my head hard,
to stifle the screams of childless mothers
overflowing the boats nearby. Thank god.
As dark clouds approach us in silence
to drop olives on our heads, I fly and swallow
my life, irrelevant and free, for death is heard
only after the dark clouds have fled.




*Dedicated to my Kurdish friend Hussein Habasch, whose family is suffering in the bombing of the city of Afrin, Syria.




El corazón siente un impulso de repente
mientras entiende mi mente
que significan las palabras


Mi madre me dijo
que no bebiera todavía, que estaba caliente
pero yo nunca escuchaba

Una vez mi padre me pegó
Con fuerza

Siento la picadura
Debe ser que estoy temblando de fiebre
Hace frío

Una vez mi padre
se negó a mirarme
me dolía

Mi madre me dijo
que pusiera el hielo sobre la herida
pero no le escuchaba


Estoy en el pasillo
tan vacio, como tú
No estás
pero te puedo oler

Y por aquí está pasando la gente a través de mí
como si tuvieran el miedo de entregarse
Y a ellos también les duelen los manos
a través de las paredes


Si rompo un verso más
seré amiga de Medusa
en el quinto círculo
Pero tengo miedo de encontrarte

Soñaba con un túnel
estaba negro
se derrumbaba




You stole the apple from Adam‘s hand and
fled through a mist of arms.

Your hair is wild, it escapes me like time.
You stole the noise from my heart.

The silence is wild, even laughs at god.
I am standing here still, sinking in tempest.

Have you got any bites left, Salome?
Here, on the precipice, snow is yet falling.



I stretch my smile, innocent before strangers. The past has arched up to the surface. From the deep corridors I know well, you escape so skillfully with your sticky horns.

From the profundity, one penetrates slowly, bending, feeling unbodied, heavy like a planet and down there the sun never shines.

The present is ripped and from the firmament of what is to come, underripe cherries are dripping on me. We are being separated by three years, ten thousand kilometers and countless pubic hairs pulled out. Your desires fly out of me and soar into the mexican sky.

I’m in a hurry while you use the moment to slowly dig into my ambitions. I am hiding from you that you are newborn in my arms, the blade and the glue. Again helpless, with my will torn apart, I fly towards you would we not merge together, but it is too late. Creation can not be interrupted, we are separated, I know, by the word – patience. Life emerges to the surface fresh, blind, cruel, divine, implacable and I will never be able to explain to you how painful are the swollen nipples of a woman nursing.

Only love can break through its own labyrinths.







*WHAT IS A DJINN: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jinn


Yesterday I had a dream about the yard where I used to often fall down as a child. It was one of those strange, awfully long dreams, as it seems to us later while we wash our faces.
The yard was deserted for a long time, like hospital halls at dawn. Maybe it was just that the time passed so slowly, I can‘t find the right words. Suddenly a bird flew by low, coming out of the apricot treetop, which looked a lot more lavish than it really was years ago, before age set in and had completely dried it. It was a crow, I think it flew fast. Finally, the yard lit up, letting color in, and a child stepped under the tree. It looked like my sister, but it was younger, I’m not really sure any more. It wasn’t smiling, and yet, it was happy. It was standing at the bottom of the courtyard, speechless, slowly swaying it’s arms.

Apricots started falling from the sky like cannon balls – quiet and soft. The child grew up, like forced, and became a man. Was it me whom he said: ”Waiting is silence and confirmation”? He disappeared.

Cannon balls continued to fall down when I was already rubbing my bleary eyes.