Your smile doesn’t shine
like it used to so you clench
your bloody lips
into the snow

cheeks of parched desire
The empty reach of
two slothful hands
is all that remains after us

Now I think the only blank
will remain in memory
The silver screen
of our symbiosis
doesn’t flicker anymore
and you hate me
don’t you?

Chipped down to the bone marrow
we’ve reached the point of
being unrecognizable anew
We stripped each other naked
of our flaws
only to put them back on
and it hasn’t helped
and it will not help to keep
coming back to the beginning
or leaving for the end

If you had been any stronger
my heart too could have been
petrified in this agonizing linger


Now I only wonder
what is keeping you here?
I am what I am
and everything I am not
I tried everything
to be the old version of me
leaving every verse free
of your absence

I tried everything
until I realized
all the casualties
of human intentions
and that you don’t even
see me inside

The blanks multiply
Only sometimes I wonder
If your mind once in riot
has too gone
more quiet?


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